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Moving rear fog light into bumper

26-03-2015, 21:04
Anyone done this and if so how do I go about it? Wanting to delete the one in the bumper but obviously need one for MOT time. Any help is greatly appreciated! :D sorry just noticed I wrote it wrong in the title after posting! :wallbang:

27-03-2015, 07:30
Moved mine into my offside reverse light.

If you've got the wiring there already it's about 20 mins work.

01-04-2015, 13:49
So I take it your car passes the mot with that mod? That would be perfect. What did it involve?

01-04-2015, 14:22
Yeah, it's fine for the MOT as a lot of cars come from the factory like it.

You'll need a red bulb to replace the white bulb in the reverse light. You can get them in most auto spares shops/

Route the existing foglight wiring up to the offside (right) cluster.

Up behind the cluster, find the wiring going to the reverse light. One wire will be Black, this is the earth for the lamp.

The other will be Red/blue on a 4,5,6 or Brown (I believe) on a 7,8,9.

Cut the one that isn't Black a little way back from the bulb (so you can rejoin it back later if required)and make the vehicle side of it (not attached to the lamp) safe with some tape or heatshrink.

Attach your live foglight wire (normally red, but check with a meter / bulb) to the bit of wire attached to the reverse light bulb.

Test that the newly attached lamp comes on with your sidelights and your foglight switch on. Make sure that your left reverse light stays out.

Test that your reverse light on the other side still works ok when you put it in reverse.

02-04-2015, 05:48
Thanks for the little guide, couldn't have hoped for a better reply! :smthumbup
So i can happily delete the bumper foglight for nice clean lines! :D