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Evo V Fog light switch issues

22-03-2015, 16:17
My Evo V didn't have the fog light switch so I ordered a new one, MR201517, as confirmed on ASA/CAPS.

When I went to install it I noticed that the switch itself has 6 pins while the harness in the car has 10. I checked the wiring diagram and the fog light switch, connector C-04, also shows 10 pins.

Any idea what is going here?

EDIT - Looking at the Evo IV diagram, the fog light switch, plug C-04, shows 6 pins on the connector.

22-03-2015, 17:57
Does it have rear fogligts fitted? Could it be that your car is wired for the 6 pins of the front fogs plus 4 pins for the rear?

22-03-2015, 18:50
No rear fogs. Seems that 10 pin plug on my car was actually for the power mirror switch. Using the diagram from the IV, I can wire up the 6 pin switch myself.

I just find it curious that the V diagram shows 10 pins when the actual part only has 6.