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Avon AHR600 Battery

oli goon
04-03-2015, 13:52
anyone used these?

claimed as being PC680 equivalent but half the price!!!

oli goon
07-03-2015, 20:02
ok - no replies but bought one anyway.

came within 2 days from order from Bristol batteries. was well rapped. so no issue with supply.

fitted it today. the main issue with fitting is that the connectors are spaced into the center of the battery by about 40 mm. I managed to get all the pos connections to fit but had to bend the ayc/abs fusible link box to fit. neg no issue.

anyhow started the car no probs fresh out the box.

all in all I would get one again. time will tell how it lasts - and I will report here.

oli goon
11-03-2015, 21:10
initial drainage tests seem good.

gave battery a bit of charge then left car for 4 days. started first twist of the key. so holds charge as well as the PC680.

just need to get side skirt refitted and give her a good polish before heading out on the highway!

Wayne Harris
11-05-2017, 12:00

I was looking at this and wondered if it was a good battery for the cost??

oli goon
11-05-2017, 12:21

sold the car 12 ago but had no issues with the battery in the year or so I had it. seemed to hold charge/start car at least as well if not better than PC680 I had before.

only issue is terminals are not on edge of battery.

would get one again.