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Fobs and touch key

22-01-2015, 13:38
Long story shory i bought a cobra alarm a wile back (2005) and never got round to fitting it to the car , my question is could the fobs and touch keys that do have the same part numbers from that kit be programmed into my evo cobra alarm or are they pre coded when supplied with the kit i bought all that time ago ?

22-01-2015, 16:38
The fob can be programmed using the original touch key for the car, I am not sure how you would do it with a new touch key whether that can be programmed to the car yourself

22-01-2015, 17:09
i have only one touch key and one fob that came with the car so i am wanting to have a spair set and as i have an unsed cobra 8185/6/8 still in the box i was wondering if i could use the parts out of this as they are all unused . also need to know if the siren from the unused one with part numbers 8310 4s8310a3a can also be used as i hear that they dont make these anymore for the evo and this whole kit was bougt from that sort of year ???

24-01-2015, 16:33
Anyone ?