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best tuning place?

13-11-2014, 21:10
Im looking to get an EVO 8 mr fq300 in couple of weeks and wanted to know where is the best place to take it for mapping?

im from cardiff but dont mind the travel

im going to get used to the car first then will be looking to get it mapped in jan after I get some mods on

was thinking exhaust 3'' any ideas?
boost controller any ideas?
any other mods I should think about getting?

(will become a full member soon as I get the car :mitsi::D)


13-11-2014, 21:13
Indigo-GT :smthumbup

Give Ant a ring and he can advise you what to get. He does upgrade packages at a good price

14-11-2014, 10:10
a lot of them have already been modded. if you can find a standard one then you wiill be looking at turbo back exhaust fuel pump some form of boost control (3 port or electronic boost controller)decent intake system and then mapping. we can sort all this for you :smthumbup

14-11-2014, 10:27
Look no further than Indigo GT. Tons of mapping experience and a 4 wd dyno.

14-11-2014, 13:52
Thanks guys :)

Hi James we are about 25 mins away in Tredegar and look after all aspects of Evo servicing and tuning.

Have a look on our Facebook page for some of the projects we have done recently :)

14-11-2014, 14:42
Give Ant (Indigo-GT) a bell, you wont be disappointed by the results. I wouldn't trust anyone else to map my car :smthumbup

14-11-2014, 17:48
Thanks, im from caerphilly so tredgar isnt that far away :).

Looking for the car atm not many for sale i have 10k deffinatly want to wait out for the MR instead of standard

14-11-2014, 18:34
take a look at this one think its still for sale

14-11-2014, 19:01
Its nice but want something closer to stock for myself to mod