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Evo 5/6 ceddy rom.

17-05-2014, 13:45
Currently got the ceddy rom for the evo 5 all up and working !
It's all currently setup of Todd, which a massive thanks is due!

but we've kept the Gizzmo to 1.0bar currently as I'm still on stand fuel pump and airbox still till next week.

What boost can the evo 5 fuel pump take? Out of interest! But I will upload my maps and logs ASAP for you ! as I'm new to the evo side, but I've been using romraider on the scoob for a while.

17-05-2014, 16:30
What's everyone using for the sas setting for pops and bangs? I've got a vta and it seem to just bang the once not crackle or pop on over run?

Any ideas?

These are the ones I've copied,

On my five

min trig speed 24
min trig RPM 3000
min trig load
min trig coolant 50
min trig time 2.0
valid trig time 2.0
load below which active 45%
Active time limit 12
Delay before air injection 0.1
delay before fuel injection 0.1
Fuel Injection time 4.8
Air in jection time

2000 0.7
2500 1.2
3000 1.6
3500 - 5500 1.9
6000 1.5

25-05-2014, 15:19
Some more adjustment

How does this look to everyone?
http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d118/danny_lad/FD24879E-84E9-4A40-953D-6D2299295FD8.jpg (http://s34.photobucket.com/user/danny_lad/media/FD24879E-84E9-4A40-953D-6D2299295FD8.jpg.html)

28-05-2014, 23:20
what did you put in the neg timing limit?