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Apexi Power FC Mappers

20-04-2014, 12:28
Hi I have the chance in getting a cheap Apexi Power FC for my Evo 7 and was wondering, if I decide to get it, does anybody know any good mappers for these? Also what are people's views on these ECUs compared to standard? Thanks for any help :thumbup:

20-04-2014, 13:24
gary at APT he loves them :smthumbup:smthumbup

20-04-2014, 14:37
The standard ecu can do everything the apexi can just get that mapped

20-04-2014, 15:46
stick with the stock ecu and get that mapped

20-04-2014, 16:27
Hi, thanks for the replies :smthumbup
Just liked the look of the Apexi FC as it has the hand controller where you can monitor the running of the car, but as a few replies seem to make me think it's more hastle then it's worth I will just stick with the standard ecu and spend the money more wisely :thumbup: