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Does anybody know?

18-04-2014, 16:36
ive been trying to read the evo 6 evo with 1.3 cable I can datalog but I cant read the flash all I get is an error occurred see log for details.

18-04-2014, 22:20
Think you need an Evoscan 1.3U or a Tactrix OP2

18-04-2014, 22:54
1.3u can log the 6s but you need openport 2.0 to read/write.

18-04-2014, 23:28
Openport 2.0 is needed for reading/flashing evo 5-9. 1.3u can only flash 7-9.

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19-04-2014, 10:57
I was sold the 1.3 cable under the impression that it can read 5/6 ecu. so looks like I need to find a 2 cable?

19-04-2014, 11:41
Yes you need the 2.0 to read and write to 5/6/tme ecu. 1.3 will only log

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19-04-2014, 11:52
so I either need a 7/8 4 plug ecu or openport 2. I need to see if anyone wants a deal

19-04-2014, 22:22
Get the op2 lead

19-04-2014, 23:19
I'm looking for one. But can't find one it's cheaper to buy a 7 or 8 4 plug ecu

20-04-2014, 11:43
just brought a 7 ecu off the bay. is there a similar thing to ceddy mods with the 7/8 ecu?

20-04-2014, 11:46
yes tephra mods evo 7 onwards

20-04-2014, 11:58
has anyone got a link or could possibly send me the mod and a quick wiring guide as geekmapped is still down?

20-04-2014, 14:55
which car is it goin in ??? 5 or 6 ??

20-04-2014, 15:58
its 6 loom ive now brought a 7 ecu I just need the tephra mot bin file and what wire do I need to wire the gm 3 bar map sensor to and also the gm map sensor scaling?

20-04-2014, 16:41
swap wires/pins 32 and 34

remove wire at pin 20 and join to wire now at 32
remove wire at pin 21 join to wire now at 34

swap pins 6 and 53
remove pin 87 and insulate
remove pin 91 and insulate

for sd map sensor input wire goes to pin 73 to wire the map sensor you need to bring 5 v from pin 81 and sensor ground from pin 92 out to map sensor.

dont have scalings for gm 3 bar prob get them on evom along with sd rom you also need to switch off egr in the rom

20-04-2014, 16:42
cool have you got the tephra rom image?
and also do you know how to do map scaling on the gm sensor
it was all on the geekmapped site but its still down