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removing fuel pressure reg

14-04-2014, 22:35
As many of you are aware im putting the evo management into a fiat coupe engine.
Ive been doing the loom today for the engine, can I just remove these wires:
pin 3 fuel pressure sol
pin 37 pas switch
pin 45 ac press switch
pin 6 sec air sol
pin 39 fuel pump speed
and also pin 11 waste gate sol as ive got a boost controller

I cant seem to find the engine light trigger from the ecu isit pin36
would I need to fit a boost solenoid to keep the engine light off?

14-04-2014, 22:42
You maybe able to switch the engine light off in the ecu pheriphery in the ecu

14-04-2014, 22:45
I'll be using ceddy mods so probably . Does anyone know which pin the engine light is