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JDM Evo 7 2 byte

14-03-2014, 12:38
Hi guys.

I was curious as the whether anyone has managed to enable 2 byte load / RPM yet on the 2002 JDM Evo 7 Rom 98650014?

I've tried searching various forums but with no joy as of yet.

If NO happens to be the general concensus then my next question would have to be "Is it possible to flash a different Rom to my ecu."

All input is appreciated.


14-03-2014, 12:49
Geekmapped... think you tried them?

and yes it is possible

14-03-2014, 13:02
Replied on geekmapped Scott but yes you can use 90550001 and the following are the addresses you need

2byte load
MUT 00 = 885C
MUT 01 = 885D

2byte RPM
MUT 02 = 883A
MUT 03 = 883B

Hope that helps