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obd-bluetooth for e4

07-03-2014, 18:24
Hi all, anyone know if there is a unit to do as above, as I believe the 4s are obd1. Have looked on eBay and they're all obd2. Or would obd2 unit work? I'm quite interested in the idea of seeing what's going on through my phone, while on a run. Cheers

09-03-2014, 15:24
IIRC 4s are OBD2 but the earliest versions, you can hook them up but won't get all the readings displayed as not all the parts have sensors I think.

11-03-2014, 10:55
Won't work I even tried mine with my apexi ecu cos I thought it might work but nothing

19-03-2014, 18:41
I'll not bother then, cheers chaps