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Tuning question

25-02-2014, 15:21
Hi guys. Going up to HQ in fife to get the car mapped after the new fully forged build had been ran in.

Im running standard boost on an evo 8 gsr turbo. Just fitted a walbro 255 fuel pump today. Got full 3" hks exhaust. Hks hard pipe kit and a bigger intercooler fit for 500bhp.

Ive got a set of RC 1000cc injectors here. Will having these fitted when mapping give me any extra power? Or am i better running standard injectors until i upgrade the turbo?

Cheers for any help

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25-02-2014, 16:41
Basically i want to know if RC 1000 injectors are overkill for this setup

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25-02-2014, 16:52
Think standard should b fine.
Turbo should run out of puff b4 the injectors

25-02-2014, 17:26
Yeah stock will be fine at that level matey.

25-02-2014, 17:31
Looks like im gona have to get saving for an FP green soon then to have some fun in the summer

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