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Ecobox tuning

17-02-2014, 18:45
What is the low down when it comes to said 'tuning boxes'. Are they potentially dangerous for an engine . A collegue of mine had one fitted to a 06 320d BMW and says he saves fuel with increased power.
Surely just plugging a box into a common rail is nothing like a remap?

Correct me if im wrong Id just like to know other opinions and some facts if possible.

Many thanks

17-02-2014, 21:26
wrong place for this if this is not a box for a lancer Evo... !

That said:

17-02-2014, 21:29
Tuning boxes. sees the "pressure" in the diesel rail .. and sends a lower signal to the ecu and that will then try to compensate by raising pressure! Therefore more power..

if used in safe increases its cheap power that works!

want to know more just ask.

18-02-2014, 12:11
Thanks fraguzz for that , im not a regualar user apoligies for wrong section .
So by raising fuel pressure that is 'uncontrolled' ?? surely its a bad way of doing things?
Also increasing fueling without the ECU seeing it must be a bad thing despite power/torque increases especially on diesels with DPF's etc.

So am I correct in saying the fueling wont be optimum in certain rpm's with a box fitted to the rail, unlike a good remap. And thats not considering all the other calibratiions a remap could give.