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speed sensor

25-04-2004, 09:44
Now I know my 8's got a vehicle speed sensor, but I need to find it and it's wires so I can connect up my Nav.

Any ideas where it is?

I'm not very wised up on electrics but if anyone can tell me where to find the wires, I'm sorted.

Thx in advance

25-04-2004, 09:57
On my 7 GSR there is pale blue wire on the radio connector. In the double DIN slot.

Worked on my nav unit.

25-04-2004, 22:39
Thx man i'll try it :)

29-04-2004, 13:28
Is this the same on the 6's as I just got a nav unit and also need to wire-up to the speed senor


29-04-2004, 14:02
i'm not sure, but the manual should show you.


good luck.

edit - i just had a look and as i read it, page C85 shows the connection. Looks like pin 9 on connector B-30 (the radio connector), a Y wire (yellow maybe).

29-04-2004, 22:53
Still not tried it yet, just blown amp looking!

Thats the 3rd one LOL

I'll let you know asap

04-05-2004, 12:35
No luck on the blue wire side of thing nor all the wires in the back of the clocks either, for some strange reason the car idled strange and stalled when i removed the clocks! and my elec mirror button doesn't light up now!

Still trying!

04-05-2004, 20:07
I've just pulled my head unit out and mine is wired:

Mitsi plug to iso connector to head unit.

The pale blue wire is on the mitsi to iso converter, the wire goes into the back of the misti plug as a black wire with a thin red line on it.

from the corner, the wires from the loom to the mitsi plug are:

Yellow and green, yellow and red, black and red (the speed input), blue. There are all the other audio wires as well but hopefully that'll get you close enough. Be careful :)

edit - according to the workshop manual:
Yellow green is Right rear speaker ground
Yellow red is Left rear speaker ground
Black isn't listed (so presumably the speed input isn't on the RSII)
Blue is the Ignition power.