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Tracker Monitor?

24-04-2004, 19:23
Anyone out there got a Tracker Monitor? Im trying to find out how the sensor on it works, reason I ask is Im having one fitted and wondered how reliable they are, like if someone even just pushes it few feet up the road will it still sense that?

Any ideas?

30-04-2004, 17:45
I know someone who has a tracker monitor and they had the car flat bedded the other day cos of tyre problems... Within 10 mins he got a call from them asking if the car was ok....

So I guess it does work, just not sure how,,,,,

01-05-2004, 21:43
i have had moniter on last 3 cars, but never had to use any of them ,, but mate had one on his CL55 Merc that was allways being taken back to garage to be fixed, about a dozen time , within minutes of it being on the trailer he got a call.

03-05-2004, 09:23
nice one, cheers for the advice guys.

wootley :)