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Car alarm and tracker package

16-04-2004, 11:21
I am developing a car alarm with built in tracker (which people will be able to monitor themselvies, so no yearly fees to be paid).
I wanted to know what people would like to see from there alarms and trackers so that I can gauge what additions or options I might add to the system.

I cant give any details of the system or development at the moment as its under wraps in development and testing at the moment.

So if you have any thoughts on what you want from your system please reply.

16-04-2004, 11:37
The alarm and tracker package fitted to my car are already pretty good, but there's a few things I think it lacks.

1. Alarm and tracker linked so the tracker sends a warning if the alarm is set off. Will only do it at the moment if someone attempts to start the car. Would be nice if you had a proximity warning too if the car has a proximity sensor/warning.

2. Let me know if the car exceeds a set speed limit or moves outside a defined area. Handy for when you leave the car at the garage. All I can do at the moment is turned the tracker on and off remotely.

3. Record how many miles or better still the route the car has done between 2 dates and times? Again, handy to see when you leave the car with a garage (get the feeling I don't trust them :D).

4. Allow the tracker GPS receiver to be connected to other devices although might be a security risk. I currently have 3 GPS receivers in the car.

5. Web interface to all the above and things like current location.

Some of things above are available with some trackers, but I dont have them with mine at the moment without paying more.