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Alarm speacialist required pls!

15-04-2004, 12:51
Girlfriend had recently aquituired a 206 GTI 2001 model.

The alarm keyfob can arm the alarm on its own or when pressed againg it enables the deadlocks. It works fine with just the alarm activated but when the deadlocks are used the alarm siren is triggered at anything from 5 > 20 mins.

I have ruled out the ultrasonics as think they wud trigger the alarm irrespective of the deadlocks being used?

I have checked the boot switch which was loosley connected to the boot catch but on securing this the prob was still there.

Does anyone have any idias cus wud really like to start using the deadlocks as well as the alarm at night.

mike & jane
15-04-2004, 13:08
Hi mate , speak to black knight as he knows someone
who is in the alarm trade . Has a very nice mac to , also
will be local to you . Mike .

15-04-2004, 13:23
Ah uve just jogged my memory m8!

He's at Huets just down the road from me!