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Any Cliffnet Genius Out There?

04-04-2004, 17:32
I'm trying to use the Cliffnet software to adjust the sensitivity of the poximity sensor on my Concept 600.

I've got the latest software (G5) and the lead - everything connects OK and I can alter most of the settings, except the one I want! There just doesn't seem to be a button or box that alters the alarm sensitity.

Does anybody know the software well enough to let me know either -
- how I find the sensitivity control
- why it doesn't exist on the software I have



04-04-2004, 17:35
u can do it via your remote control, no need for CliffNet

04-04-2004, 17:47
Yeah, I know - but remembering the key presses is like black magic, and then it's impossible to tell exactly how far I've turned it up or down by.

I could always go back to the installers and get them to adjust it - they've been great in the past at doing it for me, but I'm trying to fine tune it, and going in continuously for a couple of days is just too much of a pain in the arse. I got the software and lead cheap from e-bay so I could sort it out in my own time.