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digital display for climate ctrl

25-03-2004, 14:14
.... have seen it on a 6 and an 8 - had a go in a fq300 today and it wasnt there.. whats the gen on that ? should it have been there or is it just fitted to basic gsr models ?

Will it be fitted to the MR GSR when its out ?

25-03-2004, 14:19
no mate you're mistaken. you've seen it on a 6 but NOT on an 8.
If you've seen it on an 8 then that was the optional satnav, but that is japanese only so no use to you or me. So don't be dissapointed if it's not there if/when you get a new MR.

However, I'm not even sure the satnav option shows aircon commands, I've just seen some japanese gobbledygook and a map, nothing else.

It's also a shame the 7 and 8 didn't retain the old climate controls from the 6, much prettier in my oppinion, but since you just set the temperature and everything else on auto you don't really "interact" with the aircon that often.