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Assistance with Alarm ID

Lee C
13-03-2004, 17:18

Just got me 7. Now the bloke who sold it tells me the alarm and imobi are factory fitted in Jap land.

How do I get a cat 1 certificate for the insurance bods. Will a reputable company inspect it and release a certificate. (for a fee of course) or do I need to bin it and get a new one.

Thanks in advance

Black Knight
13-03-2004, 20:46
Never really heard of factory fit alarm.
Can you post a picture of the alarm fob and we may be able to identify from that.

Lee C
13-03-2004, 21:55
You got Mail

16-03-2004, 14:29
to get a cat 1 cert for it, it has to be thatcham approved.

22-03-2004, 23:36
Is it possible to obtain a duplicate certificate if one has been lost or you dont have the original, assuming it has been installed by a VSIB accredited installer?

Black Knight
23-03-2004, 05:51
Any approved alarm fitter should be able to do an inspection and issue a new certificate (for a small fee).