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Poorly E6 in Cheshire

12-03-2004, 22:49
My E6 has eaten 3 brand new batteries over the last year; I suspect alternator fault which I'm going to get checked out at dealer.

If it needs a new alternator is anyone up on Lucas part number so I can see if I can source one cheaper than Mitsy main dealer?

If anyone has one of those battery/charge/alternator gadgets I can borrow for 5 minutes then I'll save myself a half day off work visiting the dealer too. I'm Stockport area but will travel if I can get a jump start for the way back home ;-)


12-03-2004, 22:55
Are you sure all the batteries have been ****ed :confused: they just run down if it's not used to much :rolleyes:
Do you use it daily :confused:

12-03-2004, 22:59
More or less yeah m8.

I've had the car since new (4 years) and it's only started doing it this last 12-18 months.

I'll get it plugged in to an alternator/charge tester and take it from there I think.


12-03-2004, 23:10
what battery was it ?


12-03-2004, 23:24
Bad or corroded earth terminals don't help, I take it you keep it clean and looked after :confused: not having a go just giving ideas :D

13-03-2004, 11:54
Have had several batteries, 2 Halfords ones and something beginning with Y which was fitted by a pro rally outfit.

The Clifford draws a shedload of amps from the battery when switched on, but still not enough to effectively kill batteries surely?

I'm off to Halfords in Stanley Park for a charge tester thingy in a bit.

Damn GSRs and their poofy aircon etc ;-) LOL

16-03-2004, 13:33
ive heard cliffords can draw alot of power from the battery. maybe worth getting that checked.

get a voltmeter and check that the battery is about 11-12v when ignition is off and 12-14 when engine is running. that way u know if the altenator is charging it or not.

and as gazzor said check all ur earths for corrosion i.e take them off and give them a scrub with a wire brush or sand paper

17-03-2004, 09:01
Hello snipez

If you need any help give me a shout as im not to far from you, and if its your alternator let me know as i have a few around me at the moment.

Cheers gary 01260 291191

17-03-2004, 09:55
Its worth noting that the clifford has a voltage sensor on it and if the battery gets low it goes into 'saving' mode. (stops flashing the led asmuch aswell as a few other things that I cant quite remember)

18-03-2004, 18:50
Cheers lads.
It's behaving itself thus far as I decided to lock the doors with the keys and simply await the auto immobiliser to come on. I reckon my batwings strobe LED is to blame, it comes on when the alarm is activated and must draw current like there's no tomorrow.
Will be undertaking a full examination on Sunday as my m8 has all the gear.
Thanks for offers of help which are appreciated, will let u know if I need to start pulling bits off. Cheers