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windows switch pin

05-05-2012, 13:42
hello :)

anyone have the shema of pin of electrical switch windows please ? :)

i have a problem , when i switch my driver windows, passager and driver windows open ... :wallbang:


06-05-2012, 09:53
What model? I'm not near my diagrams at the moment (at a wedding) but I'll have a look when I get back.

13-05-2012, 00:46
Its for the driver side on evo 6 :)

13-05-2012, 09:03
I would try a good second hand switch first, where abouts are you? If you're near someone on here they could lend theirs to you.

13-05-2012, 17:00
little problem ... i live in France :)

13-05-2012, 17:12
The wiring diagrams for the electric windows are missing from the manual unfortunately.

13-05-2012, 17:35
I have some switches if interested

14-05-2012, 20:47
maybe one owner of evo 6 can look the color of the pin on his evo and make a little wiring diagram ?

because on my evo i hace 3 pin out the ****ch , and i don't know where they go ... :(