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Toyota Auris Speaker Help

29-03-2012, 21:49
Hi All,

Bought some nice GT JBL's for my wife's Auris 180 as the standard speakers are rather rubbish.

Had a look tonight and managed to instal the drivers door speaker and all is good, so no issues there.

The problem that I may have is that the standard head unit is the full blown satnav touch screen Toyota unit and I am now concerned that it is not powerful enough to get the best from the speakers. I am saying this as after playing with the settings a bit, the standard speakers are producing more bass than the one JBL I have installed.

I have switched the cable's over to see if I had the positive and negitive around the wrong way but this made no difference whatsoever.

Does anyone have any thought's or ideas??

One thing that I am thinking is amping the speakers....BUT....can you run an amp from a standard headunit that has no RCA or Remote switch on connections?

If not, is there a type of converter amp unit type product that could be used?