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OE Mitsubishi Stereo removal

22-02-2004, 12:57

How does one remove the Mitsubishi stereo? I don't see any pin holes for removal etc. :confused:

This is on an Evo 2 btw :)


24-02-2004, 17:33
dont know it will be the same but i have just taken a stereo out of my evo 6 , all you have to do is gently pull the surround of and this will reveal four screws which hold the radio in.

24-02-2004, 18:01
That looks to be the same - thanks mate!

08-03-2004, 12:06
Another quick question - I have a Sony HU, do the ISO connectors connect straight on with no problems or is there anything I should know when swopping stereos?

08-03-2004, 17:37
most stereos will connect straight in but if it wont you can get an adapter plug from any good car shop.

17-03-2004, 18:50
Bit of a problem, I have the three Lamco gauges, and the OE stereo connectors are different (white connectors with white wires :confused: ) as the gauges have been wired into the connector.

Cut a long story short, I bought a Mitsubishi ISO adaptor - it wont fit!! So the only option is to wire and crimp :( so does anyone have the stereo wiring diagram (wire colours etc)


18-03-2004, 08:59
There should be one in the instruction manual with your new stereo.

However from past experience (with Kenwood units)

Red : to switchable live (ignition etc)
Yellow : to Batt. (permanent live)
Black : to ground

The above are the only connections needed to make the stereo function correctly.......The following may or may not be available depending on your head unit

Orange: to dash light (dims the display when you headlights are on)
Blue/white: to amp 'rem', also used in older cars to put electric ariel up
Brown: to mobile phone kit.

The speaker cables are 2x green, 2x purple, 2x grey and 2x white but I cant remember which is front/rear, left/right. Just listen to the stereo once all the power cables are done to make sure you get the speaker cables wired up correctly. Otherwise fade and balance funtions won't work properly.

Hope some of this makes sense :)

18-03-2004, 10:37
thanks for that mate - yep I have a installation manual with the new stereo so wiring from that side should be okay - its just the colours coming from the cars wiring loom thats going to throw me :(

18-03-2004, 13:47
can't remember the evo wire colours :( a multi meter should help you find swtiched/permanent live, and ground.

18-03-2004, 20:42
I've installed it tonight, and made a note of the wires colours and which ones which - ill post them up tomorrow if its going to be of use to anyone? :)

Also I noticed I have two aerial leads, one large and one small - anyone know what the small one is for??

18-03-2004, 20:53
Also since owning the car the electric aerial has never worked - (I assume its electric?)

So removed the OE Stereo all the appropriate pins/connections seemed to be in place, wired in the new stereo, wired the Remote antenna wire to the Antenna wire on the loom and still nowt :( - am I doing something wrong, as FM reception is cack!! :( Only classical radio is decent :cry: and Radio 1 is fuzzy