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Whoops. No speedo or clock. Fuse location?

Infinite Monkee
23-01-2012, 19:29
Ok. So I was tinkering about in the boot with an amp. (one I have had installed for some time now)

It's an e4 btw

I think when putting the in line fuse in the live cable it sparked and now I have no
interior reading light
central locking only works when the ignition is on
The ac resets to default every time I turn the ignition on

Now I had blown a couple of fuses under the bonnet but there must be some more somewhere

Any ideas where I can find some more fuses other than the ones under the bonnet as I had a quick look before it got dark.
Or have a ****ed something expensive up???

23-01-2012, 19:45
There is another fuse box located under the steering column towards the outside of the car.

Infinite Monkee
23-01-2012, 21:24
Some grovelling is required. Thank you