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poor mans evo

25-01-2004, 13:28
just got a 1989 galant gti 4wd 4ws. I believe the engine is basicaly the same as the evo but without the turbo. Hence the poor mans evo. Does anyone know of a site or register for this vehicle or is it ok to post questions etc on this web site, thanks for your time.
regerds gary.

25-01-2004, 13:35
speak to chunky mate he will help and welcome :)

25-01-2004, 14:13
I'm afraid I know about as much as Moses does about the 4WD 4WS Galant. That is to say, I know f**k all! :)

25-01-2004, 14:57
lol gordon i thought u woz a lancer and galant specialist :D specially the classic one :D

Johnny Bravo
25-01-2004, 17:54
That's the E39A Galant VR-4 (well, that's what it was known as elsewhere...US, Japan, et cetera) and yeah it uses the same 4G63 and tranny as the Evo I-III. Although, at least here in the US it only came with a 14B turbo and a smallish side mounted i/c. There were other models such as the RS (same deal as the Evo RS's...lighter and stronger bits & bobs) and Monte Carlo (not sure what is different about it other than to comemorate Mitsu's win at that event that year). Both of those models had a FMIC and the 16G turbo from the Evo's. They're pretty rare here in the states as only 3000 were imported (2000 in '91 and 1000 in '92). www.galantvr4.org is the largest forum that I know of dedicated to the E39A and there are quite a few Aussie and European owners on there too so you might find someone close to ya. Anyway, check it out if you get time.

Cheers :)

25-01-2004, 18:26
thans for the info will try vr4 site

25-01-2004, 18:32
Originally posted by Johnny Bravo
That's the E39A Galant VR-4 (well, that's what it was known as elsewhere...US, Japan, et cetera) and yeah it uses the same 4G63 and tranny as the Evo I-III. No, this is the normally aspirated version with electronic 4WS. I'm not sure how much of the drivetrain is shared with the VR4/Evo, anyone who adept at Japanese should be able to find out though, there seem to be quite a few Jap sites devoted to them.

26-01-2004, 10:36
The uk 4x4 galant is basically a vr4 without the turbo.I think the vr4 gearbox is stronger but for road use should be ok if you wanted to fit a turbo.I'm sure the blocks(less pistons) are the same,they are stronger than the evo block.I've had mine as a road car on and off for 5 years,still no problems.Let me know if you want any more info.

Johnny Bravo
26-01-2004, 16:04
Ah, okay. We got a version like that called the GSX or something like that, but without the 4ws. It's just basically the VR4 w/o turbo or 4ws. From what I understand it had a n/a version of the 4G63 here, but not sure about anywhere else. A friend of mine had a gold one, but has since sold it. Oh, and there was a guy over one the GVR4.org site that had one built up pretty crazy (50trim Garrett and the works), but I think he had to sell it or part it out due to traffic tickets or insurance issues. Nice cars either way :)

26-01-2004, 19:11
not known as vr4 in uk just galant gti 4wd 4ws. 4ws system seems to be totally hydraulic from the front rack. Can't find a tech ,manual at the moment. engine is 4g63. Main reason for enquiry is to see if I would be ok asking questions and picking brains on this forum as i can,t find any site for this particular mitsubishi. if not i'm stuck. Looking mainly fo info on engine management side. i.e which of the 3 sensors on the thermosrtat housing sends signal to ecu for fuelling.
Many thanks to all who have replied to my initial message, (don't want to annoy anyone) Gary

26-01-2004, 20:54
The 4ws has a separate rack with a small pump running off the rear diff.I,m sure all the rally cars ran without it,it was a bit of an expensive gimmick.If mine ever plays up then its all coming off.

The sensor on top of the thermostat housing is for the air-con,the single wire sensor is for the temp gauge,the 2 wire sensor is for the ecu.

27-01-2004, 08:44
you might want to try www.clubvr4.co.uk

there are a few of us non vr4 galant owners on there.

there is a user called japmetal who has the same car as you

try here for example;

27-01-2004, 17:37
thanks for the reply on thermoatat connections. looks like vr4.org is the site for me.
Thanks to everyone for their help, might pop back if i am still welcome. Best regards and thanks again, Gary

04-02-2004, 14:20
Yep - it's easy to turbocharge it too - just fit the turbo, VR4 cams and pistons and a VR4 Eprom in your existing ECU.

I'm doing it just now (engine's going in a C10 Colt).

04-02-2004, 19:01
thanks yeti.
yours should be pretty quick with that setup. Did you see the fto powered Colt in japanese performance magazin? That looks nice. Got to get the engine running right and change the belts befor I do anything else,
thanks again Gary

08-02-2004, 05:12
we have non turbo galants here in AUSTRALIA.

they have the 4g63 engine and i think are mostly FWD. they are badged GSR and we do have the 4wd turbo version; VR4.