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18-01-2004, 15:57
Where is the best place to buy car stereos from ??
Anyone here a dealer or got something for sale ?

18-01-2004, 19:11
Hello Chris,
When I first bought my VIII, I did a bit of an install into it, Alpine CD/MP3 headunit, Component speakers, boxed sub, couple of amps etc....

Basically my findings were that the best deals were from mail order Car HI-Fi suppliers that you will find in the back of, dare I say it Max Power etc.....(before you ask I don't buy Max Power)

I found that my head unit alone was 80 cheaper mail order than that of the usual high street car I.C.E shops around my area.

Basically have a look around your local I.C.E shops for a system that you like and get the catalogues. You could see if they could match the mail order price, but from my experience usually not.

All the cables, gold fuse holders, gold connectors etc.... can be bought at a good rate from Maplin, that's where I got mine..


19-01-2004, 19:31
hi bass junkies is cheap as chips,i think on the internet it is or, good web site have a look?:D

19-01-2004, 20:40
Thanks guys.

Brian Carroll
23-01-2004, 01:09
Never found bassjunkies to be very cheap to be honest. They were at Live 2003 or whatever it was called at Olympia, absolute rip off prices!

I've used some of the following

and empiredirect are very cheap though don't generally have a big range.

23-01-2004, 10:28
I've used: and were cheap and offered a good service.

23-01-2004, 19:57
i've allways found bass junkies cheap for the things i want,good web site with special offers on all the time to,each to there own i suppose! :D

Brian Carroll
23-01-2004, 21:05
Yeah you're right mate looking at their prices at the moment, I was just a bit peeved that when they were at Olympia they were charging siginificantly over their own web prices - I guess they had to re-coup their costs somehow. But 500 for a Kenwood Hard disk MP3 player that they were selling for 420 on their web site I recall and everyone else was selling for 400 on their website was a bit of a disappointment for a 'show special'. Give 'Stuff Live 2004' a miss would be my advice if anyone is tempted to go based on 'Stuff Live 2003' you'll get stiffed!

23-01-2004, 23:22
yeah thats a lot of a difference,and a a show you would expect to get it a lot cheaper on a deal,i wanted a pioneer processor & i tryed getting a few different prices from different companys,and they were all about 800 ,went to bassjunkies and they did it to me for about 650 ish,i was well pleased,its worth looking around.