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obd software 1&2 diagnostics and mapping

05-04-2011, 21:02
Hi guys, just found my Obd software, just installed to my toshiba l/t thinking of rigging it up to my astra van tommorow and having a play if i can find the port lead, for starts the first detailed question to be asked is how do is save the data/software off the ecu in case i make and incorrection, just going to have a tinker to see what it can acheive off a single map from the obd, i have no previous experience so im not loosing out but hopefully ganing if i do a good job, any one have any advice? i have flashed an eprom chip for the van but i downloaded the data and just done a straight transfer onto a new eprom chip Cheer guys

05-04-2011, 23:24
Are you sure it's flash mappable, year model of vehicle?

06-04-2011, 08:01
Its astra covoy 1.7 diesel