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Cranking IPW tables for 96260009

04-04-2011, 10:20
Hi Guys, trying to run bigger injectors with 96260009 and would love to find out what the addresses are for the cranking injector pulse width tables.

96530006 has so many more tables defined than 96260009, but the car runs pretty bad on that ROM..

Thanks for your help!

04-04-2011, 12:42
Unless you are running E85 you need not adjust the cold crank IPW's, just the global scale and latency's.

scandinavian fl
04-04-2011, 21:19
Out of interest, which injectors are you using..

04-04-2011, 23:04
It will start with the stock values, but it's nice to be able to tune it to start nice. :lol:

I'm using FIC 1050s.

04-04-2011, 23:29
FIC 1050's are low impedance, so provided the global scale and latency are correct it should start fine.