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evoscan users help required.

26-03-2011, 05:31
i have 2 lights illuminating on my dash:shake: - srs which i do not know the cause of, also the engine management light which came on when the exhaust was swapped for an aftermarket item.

Anybody on here know of anyone who could help in the exeter area? :smthumbup

26-03-2011, 05:55
The SRS light will be a Mitsi only, you can manually read the fault codes for the engine ECU if required.

31-03-2011, 21:59
srs is basically the air bags. sounds like the garage who changed the exhaust didnt either connect the lamba sensor or fitt it back on, that or you put a decat on. for the engine management to come on.

31-03-2011, 22:13
i have phoned mitsubishi today, i expained to them that i have fitted an aftermarket decat downpipe which brings on the engine management light ( due to the lambada sensor not being used any more) i have heared that evoscan can turn this light off.

there response;
yes we can do a scan of the ecu for 79.99 + vat, this will indicate the fault.

my response;
i know what the fault is, is it because the aftermarket downpipe has been fitted can you eraze the fault thus turning the engine management light off?

there response:
it might work? but it may come straight back on.

my response:
ive heard that evoscan can turn the light off

there response:
whats evoscan????


31-03-2011, 23:44
Evoscan can erase the fault code, but unless you actually fix the reason why it some on you will see it again very quickly. What model car do you have?

Javier F.
01-04-2011, 04:46
There is a spacer to fix that called a O2 simulator. It will get rid of the engine light. Look like this

01-04-2011, 06:47
The spacer is not a 100% fix, adjustment of the periphery settings in the ECU is:)