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Avcr Help Not enough boost...

26-02-2011, 17:34
:smthumbupHaving problems getting more than 1.1 bar out of my car even though i was getting 1.5 without it.. i have tried using these setting to get it higher..

1. You need to set up the NE points to start with, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500.

2. set the car settings to 4 4 arrow to the North East.

3. Set the graph scales, speed, boost etc.

4. Set FB speed to 0 and learn gear to X.

5. Ensure the start duty to 0% for all gears.

6. Then set gear judge up, drive along in first, with the AVCR in the Gear Judge menu, you will see the numbers decreasing on the right of the screen. When you get to 2500 rpm in 1st, set the number for that gear, do the same with all the other gears at 2500 rpm.

7. Set desired boost level 1.3 on the AVCR, duty cycle around 55%. Drive in 4th gear at around 2000 rpm, and open the throttle 100% waiting for the boost to build up, get to about 5000 rpm and see what peak boost you made. If it below the 1.6 then raise the duty cycle 1 or 2% and try again, if it above, lower the duty cycle 1 or 2%.
Once the car gets to the correct boost in 4th gear, turn lean gear on in 3rd, 4th and 5th, and go for a hard drive.
This will allow the AVCR to learn the duty cycles accross the RPM range to maintain your desired boost.

8. Once it has done this, the duty cycle in the menu will show ***, as the duty will vary accross the RPM range.

9. You will need to adjust the FB speed if you are getting boost fluctuations, this adjust the response of the boost solenoid.

10. After set the start dutys in 1st to around 8% and see what peak boost you hit, adjust up or down to get the required peak boost level in each gear, repeat for 2nd, 3rd, 4th should be about +1 or +2 and 5th should be something like -1 or -2.

11. Finally go into the duty screen for RPM and lower the duty at 6000 and above a few % to get boost taper at the top end.

I'm unsure if i should keep putting start dutys up untill i reach 1.4ish..how high should they be mine are on +15 for 1st, and gradually goes up to 5th which is lower that first.. i'm just abit confused..

Any help will be much apreciated.. i'm abit worried cos in 3rd and 4 th sometimes i feel the boost drop off....