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keep standalone or remap oem ecu???

21-02-2011, 18:12
hi all...........:smthumbup
ive got a apexi power fc on my evo 5 at the min and its the one with the map sensor rather than the maf sensor can remember if its the djet or ljet,

since i had this fitted a few years ago the mappers have come a long way with the standards ecu's being mapped just as good and still keeping stock idle and start up

the thing i want to know is if i do go down the route of taking the power fc off what will i need to get up and running again? 7 or 8 ecu? maf sensor, any other sensors?

can the stock ecu be mapped to good power with the right mods? ie is there any limits? downsides?

can you map anti lag onto it?

im just running my engine in at the min so ive got to get it mapped either way

2.3 stroker
piper bp300 cams
750cc injectors
fuel pressure reg
hard wired bump
walbro 255lph pump

i ran 525bhp on my forged 2.0 on the above spec but i want to go more now ive got the stroker and when i get a bigger turbo but will i have to upgrade my injectors?

21-02-2011, 18:51
Mapped correctly the powerfc should start and idle like stock ;)

You do have advantages on the oem, the main one being knock control. Theres pro's and cons with both.


21-02-2011, 19:05
choose a good mapper and you need not worry of other ecu's.

21-02-2011, 19:07
Keep the PFC, not worth the hassle of going back to the std ecu IMO.


21-02-2011, 19:32
yeah i use a good mapper (mgautos)
can anti lag be mapped on the pfc?
what sort of power will my injectors be good for?
also what do you lot think would be my best upgrade on the turbo as the gt30 will prob max out at about 550bhp?

cheers for the info guys

21-02-2011, 19:34
Do you want anti lag just for launching or for when you lift off ?


21-02-2011, 19:59
to be honest i prob wont launch as it will prob rip my diff out or transfer lol
can it be done on the pfc then?