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AYC non-functional

22-12-2003, 19:46
Help/Assistance/advice much appreciated.

Having owned my 1st Evo 6 for 6 months it was due its 45K service. To my surprise I was told that the AYC was non-functional, but no faults were generated during diagostic testing. Mitsubishi seem to think that the previous owner who had a Clifford 600 alarm fitted seems to have screwed the voltage supply to the AYC. Could this be possible? They won't investigate the fault since they think its down to the alarm/electrical fault, although if I take it to an auto-electrician how will he know if its working/not working? Somewhat of a dilemma! Also, what are the cost involved for the worst case scenerio, i.e. AYC totally dead?

Furthermore, having not previously owned a Evo before can expereince owners know that the AYC is working/not working or is it totally transparent to the driver?

Thanks in advance.


22-12-2003, 19:59
speak to rogerrally on here if i was u hes the ayc man

22-12-2003, 20:06
Cheers will try.

23-12-2003, 16:16
If you have no joy with that, take it to a clifford installer, they should correct the problem if it is down to the alarm.