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Dads question ?????? mapping dilema

29-01-2011, 15:18
Hi all :smthumbup

me dad asked me why dont they produce cars from the factory already mapped..... better fuel consumption, n more mpg :confused: :confused: :confused:

Why :confused: :confused:

John :)

29-01-2011, 15:26
they would have to map every car individually.

29-01-2011, 15:33
Different maps would also be required for different countries due to emission regulations.

29-01-2011, 16:15
they not the ansers a wanted guys ....... surely in this day and age you can map for different counties ?

Why did i get my evo mapped :confused:


29-01-2011, 16:23
the one conservative map is put on to stop the engines from going bang more often than they already do

29-01-2011, 16:35
its cheaper for the manufacturor to produce a map that allows for all different petrol octane levels . as uk has super unleaded (v-power etc ) which is higher octane than say usa petrol a remap will give better power/consumption .
a map for each country would take to much research etc j

29-01-2011, 20:34
so m gonna get the van remapped :smthumbup

29-01-2011, 21:20
In actual fact the manufacturers very much map for individual circumstances.
We have been file swapping for decades, and you wouldn't believe how many different check sums you get when you start to get into it.
They are constantly updating, and will show a bias relative to average conditions encountered.
We get asked that one all the time when it comes to diesel chip tuning.
There are a number of reasons why they won't push the options all the way, the primary one being the fact of type approval, and the tests required to fall within specific categories. They also have to wrestle with marketing issues, and insurance implications.
The after market possibilites are amazing with diesels. I'm picking up a BMW X5 for myself this week to replace the tired Range Rover. First job? Superchip! The result? another 120 lbs ft torque, AND better fuel consumption. I'd be mad not to!

Tim Radley
30-01-2011, 09:06
Another problem is the transmission. Correct me if i'm wrong but don't a lot of diesel vehicles peg the torque way back because of this? Same on your evo. It can do 400bhp on stock internals but how long is the gearbox and diff going to last and how short do the service intervals then have to be on the motor? Its always going to be a compromise because the manufacturer has to allow for variations in fuel quality and driver intelligence!!