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Best PDA/Navigation software..........

Rob Plummer
17-12-2003, 14:49 plug in to my Origin B2 speed camera detector....

Any suggestions?

Indication of prices would be useful too!

Cheers in advance,


17-12-2003, 20:10
I believe Tom Tom Navigator 2 is best, hs voice direction from what i've heard.

I use Microsoft Autoroute 2004 with my GPS sat nav, you get a nice little picci of a car driving along your highlighted route, but no spoken instructions ;(

18-12-2003, 17:53
Recently bought a Tom Tom 2 package with PDA and assorted goodies. The software is pretty good and t here are loads of sites on the net with free extras.

One of my favs is the point of interest feature. This allows you to down load the location of the things from Shell Garages to Speed Cameras.

Speach option is good and you can download different voices if the standard one becomes annoying.

Prices range from 100 to 130 - Check that it is ver 2 they are selling. Ebay and Amazon sell it.