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Calling all Tech Heads --- Fuel Pump Question

30-12-2010, 07:16
Hi Guys,

yes, ok, I have under 10 posts, but spend more time working on the car, and on the Oz forum, than here.

Since the Aussies dont know, ( and dont know how to play Cricket lately)

though I'd ask the Pom's

Build a TA car, Electrical system, heavily modified factory Loom.

Fired her up today, everything worked ok, first time .... thewww....

Only one thing, Fuel Pumps: Running Factory intank, feeding a Surgetank to 2x Bosch 044 pumps.

now, the tank is not in the car, so no liquids, and therefore I disconnected the pumps.

When I hit the IGN switch, I though I'd get a constant 12V+ at the Factory pump and the Bosch Pumps (these are driven from separate relays, triggered from the Factory Fuel Pump No. 1 Relay).

However I only get 12V+ for about 30sec or so, then back to 0V.

Can anyone tell me is that correct ?
Is something going wrong....

My theory, is since there are no pumps connected, ECU is not seeing any load, and therefore turning OFF the juice to the pumps.

Thx in advance.

30-12-2010, 17:49
is that not just primming the pump and will only run constant with engine running

30-12-2010, 18:07
Yes they prime then run full when started ..

30-12-2010, 23:01
Ahhh, makes sense.

Thx boys !!!

Mind goes blank after a while, especially after all the changes I made.