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Fuse keeps blowing, Any Ideas?

08-12-2003, 22:01
Anyone experienced similar problems?
The 10 amp fuse keeps blowing that is linked to the heater/ airconditioning unit, more or less every time i turn the car on.
Where do i start to look for the problem?

Pete Iles
13-12-2003, 17:32
Is the aircon & fan off when you start the car? Not that it should matter. :rolleyes: If it's not, try starting the car with everything off first, see if it makes a difference. Could this be an earth problem? :confused:


15-12-2003, 16:58
Hi Pete,
Tried that but the fuse went again.

:D Finall y sorted.
It was the live wire from the radio expander i had fitted!