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Headlight bulb for Evo IV

03-12-2003, 09:41
The headlight has gone on my IV and I need to change it. Any ideas what i should be going for. Gonna have to go out at lunch tiome to do this so only option is to go to Halfords... otherwise I'll drive home with almost zero visability....
The questions I have are:

1) What bulb types are there (looking for as bright as possible)

2) Is it easy to fit.....I have no tools with me !!!!!

03-12-2003, 11:22
its a two minute job to change a headlite bulb & u dont need tools, undo the lead which goes to the back of the headlite {square thing with 3 wires coming off it} next pull the black rubber grommet type thing off carefully & then squeeze the thin end of the spring type thing {it only opens one way} & then the bulb should just pull straight out, not to sure on what bulb u need think it an h4, hope this is of sum help tho.

03-12-2003, 12:44
Cheers mate

Just done it and its fine. Only problem I have now is the light is a different colour, I bought a laser blue light and it works fine, but the other one (i just found out when I took the old one out) is 'super plasma'.

Any ideas where I can get a super plasma bulb from. They do look pretty cool and I like the look it gives the car. Compared to it the Laser blue bulb I just put in looks very....well very white !!!!