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01-12-2003, 18:23
hi all.
am just about to put some new speakers in front an just wounder how easy its to take off the door cards? had an audi an it was a right pig!!

01-12-2003, 19:21
Dead easy:

One screw on the door edge
One screw near the hinge at the top
One screw behind the door release handle
One screw in the recess for pulling the door closed

Prise off the plastic cover by the wing mirror and the panel with the electric window switch on it.
Then just pull the card off gently - it's only held in by plastic clips.

If the new speakers are deeper than the old ones, you may have to make some MDF spacers so the windows will drop behind them. If you do have to do this, the cards don't go back on properly, but the gap is at the bottom so you can't tell.

Hope this helps


01-12-2003, 20:08
thanks ian!