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Big Tar to MG Autos

07-09-2010, 18:30
thanks for the service :smthumbup lads/ladee
atleast you had oil and filter :crackup: :wallbang: :smthumbup

tic tac6
07-09-2010, 19:22
thought you were up on sat i told dave you were in on sat after me

07-09-2010, 19:25
decided to have more work bob so they said couldn't fit it all in on sat so rescheduled although you couldn't make up what happened today :crackup: :wallbang: :rolleyes:

tic tac6
07-09-2010, 19:30
you spend far to much wonga on that car :D:D

07-09-2010, 19:40
pot kettle :lol: