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Origin B2

21-09-2003, 22:17
I've just bought one of these to replace my Blue i

On first impression it's a top piece of kit - they've solved most of the deficiencies of the original version: it's now a lot louder, it has a phone style cradle so it's easy to drop in and out, it's tiny but with a good clear screen, and it includes a laser detector - for what it's worth.

A quick question - is there an easy way to test the laser detector (apart from the obvious) - I've tried a TV remote with no effect, so it's not tuned to infra red wavelengths - do you reckon a laser pen would work?


21-09-2003, 22:32
I just fitted mine on Saturday. can`t get the laser detector to fire with the remote either.....BUT went down the road and the damned thing gave a laser alert about every 20 seconds..on country roads to boot!! Have turned the laser bit off for now.

Do you have the same problem??



21-09-2003, 22:47
It did go off once as I was pulling out of the drive this evening, but it hasn't done it before or since. I put it down to it being newly installed, but I'll keep an eye on it and let you know.


22-09-2003, 02:27
if its a well tuned laser detector a laser pen will not work. I reckon if its well tuned you have to wait for the real thing, but then if your over the speed its too late by then as laser takes around 0.3 seconds to get your speed. PM me if you want advice in this direction.

22-09-2003, 09:02
hi, first day I bought mine on the way home took a road very dark no other cars hitting around 60ish the darn thing went off LASER!!! :eek: slammed the brakes on could not see ****e until I got to the end of the road...fek me a coppa with a laser gun:eek: I think the things paid off for now:D I do get a false alarm for the laser but only when near Heathrow airport and I have seen CCTV's there which have multiple red laser beams on them so put it down to this.

Another thing you will have to check under the menu for radar/laser there is a setting for min speed (for rd) and min speed for motorways I believe buy setting the speed only then the alarm would go off.

So for road I have set 20 and for motor way 60

I am very happy with this peice of kit:D


22-09-2003, 10:10
Originally posted by ArthurDaley
but then if your over the speed its too late by then as laser takes around 0.3 seconds to get your speed. PM me if you want advice in this direction.

The Police have to track your car for 3 seconds before they can take the speed reading, therefore if you slam on when you get "pinged" you should be ok.

23-09-2003, 14:15
Also can take quite a lot off effort to get a reading, especially if the laser is handheld rather than on a tripod, and proper use guide lines state that the 'gun' should be used to confim the officers opinion that a vehicle is speeding. Very intersting point if you are 'done' from a mile away. The officer must have demon eye sight to deem you are exceeding the limit from that distance.:confused:

25-09-2003, 17:15
I keep getting a false alarm on the laser every morning as I pull out of the drive.

I've got the over speed limiter set to 20mph, so even if it is picking up a stray signal from one of the neighbours, I'm surprised it's going off.

It's always the same place, also in the morning, never at night. Bloody confusing. I live near a school, and I never get the school warning, so I wonder if there is a bug in the system?

Edit to say that it gave the same false alarm as I drove out tonight, so it's not limited to mornings.

I've also noticed I never get any voice warnings when I go past speed cameras, despite having the volume up to full.

Anybody else have a similar problem?

PS when I had my Blue i, Origin told me they had experienced problems with Evos blowing the fuses due to a power surge when starting the engine, and I should make sure the unit was disconnected when starting.
I'd sent them an email asking if the same was true of the B2, and they have replied today saying it's no longer a problem.