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Tephra 99626009.. looking for add ons

scandinavian fl
16-09-2009, 22:11
Evening all I'm using the above, Can anybody tell me if the xml is editable so that lean spool inable/disable & cold start enrichment can be activated. Ive opened 6& 9 roms respectively and they have it.. short of pulling bits out of xmls & trial error i'm hoping a cyber geek will give me a line I can put in the xml...

Cheers J

16-09-2009, 22:25
I have a development XML for that ID, I'll clean out what I've not confirmed and send you a copy with verified tables. I know it has lean spool and cold start enrichment and most of the TPS stuff in.

scandinavian fl
16-09-2009, 22:39
Gray.. I would expect nothing less:beerchug:..
Can't wait;) IOU Fella :D

Keep me us up to date

16-09-2009, 22:40
Graham, could you please also send me that xml.


scandinavian fl
20-09-2009, 23:55
Ok got lean spool inable/disable sorted, any pointers on cold star enrichment?



21-09-2009, 07:00
Sorry forgot to dig it out, will do tonight.

21-09-2009, 23:21

Don't forget me! pedrogti (at) hotmail.com

22-09-2009, 02:42
can i have it too please, so i can compare it with mine. my email address is ziad at mztec dot org

btw i found the knock load table, WG correction interval and the ram addr for logging boost correction.

is that cold start.... cranking enrichment IPW???? then its 4b9c and 5c7a