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Just picked up EVO 8, great car, rubbish radio

EVO Maybe
27-08-2003, 17:18
I know the ICE isn't the most important factor in EVO ownership but during the running in days I need some entertainment. Anyway back to my point, is it just me or is the radio reception totally useless in the EVO 8 (all EVOS?). I have a single slot Kenwood unit installed and the radio is forever going in and out of tune, I suspect its the tiny roof arial that is either damaged or are they just like that? If I touch the top of the arial the reception is totally lost, hence why I think it may be damaged. Has anyone else had similar problems. I will wait until the 1,000 mile service before I get it looked at but you know what the dealers are like they need a helping hand in sorting things out.

27-08-2003, 18:03
I though the Evo used the rear window heating elements for antenna, yet my one has some external antenna. My radio is non-existent then comes back now and then. I think there is an amplifer thing on the wire going into the radio and this could be screwed on mine for some reason. Not sure about yours. But I really thought the Evo used the rear heater element and used a little amp box (tiny thing) on the end of the wire before it goes into radio and this causes Evos lots of problems with the radio.

28-08-2003, 12:00
I had this problem with my evo 8.

The problem was the lead for the arial amplifier was disconected. The shop that installed the radio said that they had a few evos back with thsi problem. It seems when they push the radio in during installation the power lead has a tendency to come out. He fixed it very quick but it looked blue and white.

I suggest you take it back to however installed your radio. Reception with mine is ok now. It is not the best I've come across but still much better than when I first got the car.

hope this helps

29-08-2003, 00:42
You're luck to have an aerial. some b'stard snapped mine off recently. grrrr.

sorry :fftopic:

29-08-2003, 20:38
Halfords do an aerial that will fit. I think the Pueg/Citr type is the one you want. Costs about a tener.