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Gizzmo boost controller

30-08-2009, 15:12

Can anyone give me an idiots guide on how to change the amount of boost on one of the channels? The instruction manual is crap!!

30-08-2009, 15:22
Have you got the IBC or the MS-IBC Ryan? As i have previously found that the buttons needed to be pressed are to opposite on both so don't want to leads you down the wrong path:blush:

30-08-2009, 15:24
Look at this and see if it helps mate;)

30-08-2009, 15:46
Is the MS-IBC mate.

30-08-2009, 15:48
It's the MS-IBC mate.

30-08-2009, 15:53
Brilliant, same one i've got so this will be alot easier.....

Press the bottom button and it will scroll either open or closed loop, once you have the one you want press and hold the bottom button followed by the top button and 'duty' will then scroll across, set the duty then again press and hold the bottom button and quickly press the top so both are pressed together then 'Gain' will scroll, adjust the gain to your desired setting press both buttons as previously stated and it will come up '0.00' and your ready to go:smthumbup

The reason i have said to press and hold the bottom button then press the top is because i have found that if you press the top button first it alters the setting you had it on, this can also happen if you try pressing both together at the same time so best to press and hold the bottom one first and quickly press the top one!


30-08-2009, 16:27
Hi Scott,

So, at the last stage, when it displays 0.00, how do I input the amount of boost? Sorry, but not sure what to do.

30-08-2009, 16:33
You don't Ryan.
You have to take the car for a spin and go flat out, i would do 3 runs, it will then display you peak boost, so whatever you do don't wind the duty and gain right up!!! Do it in stages. I would leave the Gain at 0 and just play with the duty at first starting at around 30 and work your way up to your desired boost, then play with the gain would be my advice.

I'm running Duty = 60 and Gain = 9 on my 9 turbo and that is peaking at 1.77 bar at 3200rpm just to give you an idea:smthumbup

30-08-2009, 17:42
Nice one, thanks Scott.

31-08-2009, 10:26
is there a idiots guid to the MS-IBC mate ? im in leicester is there any one that could set it up for me ? i hurd there was a guy who did geek maped ? in tamworth is that true ?

31-08-2009, 10:39
What do you mean by setting up?....fitting or getting the correct boost settings:)

31-08-2009, 10:43
hi its all fitted in just wanted boost settings doing , im all new to this and realy dont wana set somthing wrong , id realy like 3 setings doing say 1 seting to 0.8 bar then 2 on 1.0 bar somthing like that i think once iv seen it done id prob be abel to do it my elf if that makes sence

31-08-2009, 10:48
Read my previous posts #6 and #8 that should cover how to do it.
Mine is set in OPEN loop. To have 0.8bar i would leave both duty and gain at 0 and do 3 runs to ensure it shows max boost on that setting. It will either boost to 0.6 or 0.8. If it is 0.6 then up the duty as i have explained above probably to about 10 then try again. Once you have the desired boost setting then change to setting number 2 and start the process again but you will now know the settings needed for 0.8 bar so you can up it a little more and so on.

Hope that helps mate. I will be knocking around on here this morning should you need any more help:)

31-08-2009, 10:57
thanks for ya help mate whats the max i could go 2 ? as in bar befor it over boost and fueling cuts out ? and also when im driving along can i just push the button and go on to seting 2 from 1 ?

tic tac6
31-08-2009, 10:59
if you put on a setting that,s not been set up it will run actuator pressure only which will be about 0.8 bar if im wrong someone will correct me.

31-08-2009, 10:59
What car have you got and what turbo you running? Does it have a standard fuel pump or Walbro 255? Is the car standard and has it been mapped before?

Yes you can go from 1 to 2 whilst on the move:smthumbup

31-08-2009, 12:33
hi its a evo runing standerd turbo as far as i no its not been remaped its got a evo 7 actuator just been fitted by tsl set to standerd boost
sard fuel pump
hard pipe kit
turbo back blue flame
blitz induction kit

31-08-2009, 12:38
Which model evo pal?

As the car has not been mapped with the stage 1 mods i would recommend you take it easy with the boost and get it mapped with the max you will want to run as your AFR's could be out

31-08-2009, 13:19
its a evo 5

31-08-2009, 13:21
how much would i be lookin at to get it mapped or is there some one on the forum that could do it for me , i was told geek maping are good ?? not that i no who or what that is ? lol im based in leicester cheers steve

31-08-2009, 13:23
Ok pal, as above really i would recommend that if your intending to up the boost that you check the afr's to ensure it is running correctly as the mods you have already made will have an effect on the way the car runs so ideally needs a tweek to take advantage of them.
Personally i wouldn't run over 1bar without it being mapped and other would say to just run actuator pressure until mapped....

31-08-2009, 13:31
dont wana sound like a complet tit but afr is ?

31-08-2009, 13:34
Air/Fuel ratios:smthumbup

I take it you are running a standard 5 ecu, these i believe can now be flashed with Ecuflash or the licenced version Ecutek.

Ecuflash is the one that the 'geeks' use;)

31-08-2009, 13:37
I think your refering to

A group of guys on here started the website as they are very good at the mapping side of things hence being called the 'geeks'. Join up on the above website and see if there is anyone who could help you out:smthumbup

Whilst i'm at it i've got an E7 ecu up for sale which will unlock features such as Switchable maps, launch control, ALS (Pops and bangs:D) to name a few. This has not be found on the 5 ecu as yet that i'm aware of:rolleyes:

31-08-2009, 13:44
how much u lookin for that mate ?

31-08-2009, 13:45
can a evo 8 ecu fit on evo 5 ?

31-08-2009, 13:49
Yes is can mate if it's a 4 plug ecu. If it's a 3 i have heard it can be done but will need a harness to connect the 2;)

I'm looking for 200 delivered with the switching harness to run twin maps:)

31-08-2009, 13:54
take 180 del ?

31-08-2009, 13:56
Call it 185 delivered and i'll go with that:)

31-08-2009, 13:59
deal how do u want paying

31-08-2009, 14:00

31-08-2009, 16:54
This has not be found on the 5 ecu as yet that i'm aware of:rolleyes:

Mr Fox is on the case for switchable maps and CEL flash on knock, pops and bangs are all working:)