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How good is boost control with upgraded solenoid?

15-08-2009, 18:20
I want a little more from my 8 power wise without the bling of boost controllers cluttering the cabin - My 8 is stock enginewise appart from decat back 3" system but it feels like it lacks a bit of power. I was thinking about an upgraded fuel pump and remap using stock ECU to control boost with upgraded solenoid. Now I recently spoke to a tuner who has told me that boost control via stock ECU is still unreliable.

I was hoping to run a bit more boost with a remap and achieve a safe 350bhp - its this acheivable with these mods?

Can someone proove the tuner who I spoke to wrong (dont worry I dont think they are on here) and confirm for me that stock ECU boost control does work?

I was hoping to fit the pump/solenoid/boost guage myself then travel to see one of our top geekmappers to have it mapped.


15-08-2009, 18:29
Using a 3 port solenoid is a very good method to control boost. There are many parameters you can adjust to fine tune boost control using the stock setup. I would probably say they are most likey unaware of this given the answers you were given.

15-08-2009, 19:02
I ran a Perrin 3 port on my car for a while - made a great difference and as far as mapping was concerned, as Gray says it can much far more finely tuned compared to the crap standard unit

15-08-2009, 20:57
"Now I recently spoke to a tuner who has told me that boost control via stock ECU is still unreliable."

Says it all...

16-08-2009, 19:43
Works for me...

I got 348.4HP ATF & 355lbs/ft torque from stage one mods using a 3 port boost solenoid with an ECUtek remap from Matt @ TRL.

18-08-2009, 21:51
I've mapped about 10 Evos (VIII and IX) for the past year. Not a single one has a boost controller. For the most part I use stock solenoid and just change a restrictor pill for a one with a smaller hole (1.0 mm usually, stock is 1.2 IIRC). Boost control is spot on, no problems with stability whatsoever. Ok, I must admit all these cars were running stock VIII or IX turbos. The one with 20G didn't like that setup, I had to trade off spool up to get rid of spiking. But then just wired in a second solenoid in parallel with the first and now everything is nice :smthumbup

Think about it, many rally cars use stock solenoids. N4 IX have twins, but many VII, VIII and non-N4 IX run on a single solenoid without any problems.

I guess you just want to find a tuner who have experience setting the thing up.

18-08-2009, 22:07
Spiking can be reduced by adjustment of the error correction tables when using a 3 port. However boost spikes are sometimes desirable, especially on spool in lower gears.