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PFC D-Jet idle problems !!

10-08-2009, 20:48

I have installed the PFC D-Jet on my Evo 6.5 with the following modes

Complete forge engine
272 kalford cams
Exhaust manifold

At the moment running on factory fuel pump and injectors.

The car idle at the moment is crappy !!


1. Should I run the Idle test again as it was done by someone else at the
first place?

2. The MAF sensor is removed so what setting it should be on before I start
the Idle run?

3. Or is it because of the high lift Cams?

4. What is the best idle run steps should I follow?


10-08-2009, 21:03
What is "crap" idle ?

You cant idle on 650revs on this setup.

So first check the setup of the PowerFC unit. Input all correct data, like MAP sensor, injector and other scalings. Than try to compare if the ECU knows everything real, like the water temp on could engine cant show 200C etc....

Than put in some Wideband lambda, and confirm correct A/F ratio, look at the fuel pressure.

In other words: "Step by step uuhh Baby" :D

I can imagine, your car can idle fine at 1000-1100rpm at 13,5:1 A/F ratio at 10-15degree ignition.
The best way is to use FC datalogit for viewing all the actual data in real time graph, to see what happends.

Good luck, and let you enough time for it, no hury !

13-08-2009, 19:58
would it not have been a better idea to upgrade the fuelpump and injectors before the cams and turbo:confused: