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New Battery required

03-08-2003, 20:20
Need a new battery after calling out Mitsu recovery for the third time. Went to Halford, the one their computer suggested had no chance of fitting in the slot.

Can anyone recommend where I might get a suitable battery and what manufacturer. I'm sure if I go to a Mitsu dealer I will get shafted price wise.

I'm going to have a go at getting it on the warranty.


Car is a VI TME

03-08-2003, 20:41
Get a heavy duty battery and relocate it in your boot which is not that expensive to do! I found that if you go for a heavy duty battery its difficult getting it to fit if you have an induction kit and it won`t fit on the battery tray thats already there! If i keep my car then thats where mine is going!

03-08-2003, 22:56
mine in the tommi always died, went to mitsi to buy a heavy duty batt for it, hasnt let me down since;)
bout 50 from them plus 3 year gaurantee mate

Evo Rob
04-08-2003, 11:55
Halford's HB054 is a drop in replacement for VI GSR - as that's what I have in mine. (Don't know if the TME has a different battery to a GSR?)


Dave Southend
04-08-2003, 11:56

Where are you? There's a great battery place near Southend.

04-08-2003, 16:12
Thanks for the replies guys, have spoken to CCC today who state that they will replace the battery under warranty (please all pick yourselves up off the floor!!!).

So it's over to the local dealer to sort it out. Will push them to put a heavy duty one in.

Luckily when the battery has been dead the Mitsu recovery people (or their contractor) has always got to me in about 15 minutes. I'm getting to know the recovery guy quite well now as it is always the same guy.


Evo Rob
04-08-2003, 17:04
BTW, if your car keeps killing batterys, and you are using it regularly then there is something wrong.

I had 3 batteries under warranty before I insisted that the mitsu dealership check the current drain with the car just sat there locked and alarmed. It turned out that the CD changer had been wrongly installed and was drawing 0.5 Amp with the ignition off - enough to flatten the battery in a couple of days!!


04-08-2003, 18:43

Bosch do a lifetime warranty one that slots in the space just nicely

U shud get one fm any gud motor factors


05-08-2003, 12:11
My car can stand unused for anything up to 2 weeks at a time. The recovery guy suggested I get them to check the battery drain when locked etc.

Will ask the dealer about the Bosch battery.


17-08-2003, 22:57
Dave Southend, where is this great battery place you spoke of?!?!?!?

Dave Southend
17-08-2003, 23:02
Originally posted by car1tref
Dave Southend, where is this great battery place you spoke of?!?!?!?

17-08-2003, 23:04
Cheers Dave.:D

18-08-2003, 07:32
anyone who is a Motor factors and is a Bosch agent will be able to supply a battery for u.

W D factors 0800 783 6247 in scotland im afraid but they might be able to give u name of ur nearest local stockist.