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Fast Apex?

19-05-2009, 10:51
Has anyone been able to get hold of Mike this week, by telephone or PMs? I had no success.

19-05-2009, 18:12
still waiting on a reply from november me lol

19-05-2009, 18:32
Yeah im waiting too :-(

19-05-2009, 19:33
ive PM'd and phoned on a few occasions but not had any replies, have been told that hes quite busy and the stuff ive needed isnt urgent so ive not been to bothered. :)

19-05-2009, 20:49
I`ve given up waiting and given my money to someone else. . . which is a shame because they were recommended by so many people but if you cant get hold of anyone what can you do :confused:

19-05-2009, 20:55
i have mailed him a few times he is building my transfer box wait for him to finsh

johnny n yoko
20-05-2009, 07:09
I have had pm off mike a few days ago, I think he is mega busy with his type 2 gearbox few teethin issues.also been away.Just have to be patient:)

Norris Designs
20-05-2009, 21:10
I can never get hold of him when we want to do business either! Having said that im not always easy to get hold of............................ Heheheheh! ;)


20-05-2009, 21:22
Online now :)