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greedy boost controller

06-04-2009, 20:36
I am going 2 relocate my boost controller in my car if i disconnect it will i lose my settings and warn limits etc?has any 1 done this and if so what did u do?

scandinavian fl
06-04-2009, 20:47
Yes I've relocated mine. The memory is not effected when disconnected. I have the profec spec b2

06-04-2009, 20:49
thanks so it will be fine 2 disconnect with the car off when i do this? i have the profec 2 aswell

scandinavian fl
06-04-2009, 20:54
as I remember it has only 2 power cables when you switch the car on the unit lights up. It has no perm live that may suggest that it needs power for memory. I unplugged mine completely during relocation. It's fine to this day. i'venot read or heard of one losing data.

06-04-2009, 21:09
ok cool thanks