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Obsolete Clifford immobiliser/alarm, wiring diag

18-03-2009, 11:48
Can't identify the model - it's probably around 1990 or thereabouts.
Only marks are:
The only markings I can find are as follows: On the 2-button remote:
CLIFFORD plus 'FCC ID: CZ57RRLP'. On a small black under-dash box/module
badged 'Clifford Magnetic Resonance' the only other marks are AP 1883D,
this being on a paper label.
? probably obsolete with no user manual or
wiring diagram available , certainly I cant find any reference on Clifford's
website and they don't offer an email contact
2 I need to temprarily or permanently bypass the immobiliser so as to
start my car which has twice been immobilised involuntarily. I have never
activated it or attempted to use it having been warned by the previous
(London) owner that it might be risky. Obviously he knew something I don't!
3. On the first failure of some weeks back the problem cleared itself
overnight in tandem with replacing the perfectly good existing car battery.
The car is NOT my trusty but scruufy old 1994 GLXi auto, but my old BMW316i
Any help, please?

22-03-2009, 23:47
The two markings you've found are just generic components to the alarm, not the alarm itself, so not much use.

I doubt there is a way to bypass the immobiliser.

If it's immobilised and isn't a problem with the remotes or keys, the fault is with the immobiliser.

Either way you need to take it to an alarm fitter.

23-03-2009, 02:22
50 OR 50X :confused: